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Wenatchee Billing LLC is a professional billing services company founded by Merry Holland.

Billing Services:

We provide billing services for medical groups, solo practitioners and massage therapists throughout the Wenatchee Valley.

Allow us to work on your billing and claims so that you and your staff are free to take care of the most important part of your practice, your patients.

We will concentrate on making sure your claims get paid and no one in your office needs to worry about the follow-up because we’ll do it all for you.

Our Mission

Wenatchee Billing, LLC is committed to providing our clients with excellent medical billing services. We seek to obtain timely reimbursement for our clients. We accomplish this with the highest levels of integrity, compliance and through our expertise. We strive to complete accurate preparation of all claims with respect to patient information so as to eliminate claim rejections for incomplete or incorrect information. Our goal is to provide meticulous and persistent follow-through on all delinquent or rejected payments.